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4 Types of Pumps Used in the Chemical Processing Industry

Equipment plays a huge role in the success of manufacturing companies. However, the type of machinery used varies dramatically based on the products made and the processes involved. This also applies to the chemical processing industry. It relies on specific industrial pump systems from Canada.

The industrial pumps that this industry uses must offer versatility, efficiency, and safety. After all, chemical processing involves different compounds. Some examples include solvents, caustics, polymers, and acids. For each of these compounds, companies choose pumps from leading  liquid handling equipment distributors.

Industrial Pumps

The following are the four most commonly used industrial pump systems in Canada.


Of the four types, centrifugal pumps are the most common, especially for the chemical industry. Not only are they efficient but also easy to operate. Another benefit of these pumps is they don’t cost as much to operate compared to the other three types.

This type of chemical pump uses suction to draw liquid into a propeller. The one potential downfall of centrifugal pumps is cavitation. That can occur in response to low intake pressures. To avoid this, it’s important to purchase these pumps from one of the top-rated distributors of liquid handling equipment.

Positive Displacement

These types of industrial pumps are rotary. That means they have a screw, gear, piston pumps, and a rotary vane. For moving high viscosity chemical fluids, pumps used for positive displacement work more efficiently than the centrifugal type. That’s because they yield high pumping pressures.


The best distributors of liquid handling equipment provide the chemical industry with a lot of these pumps too. Although a type of positive displacement pump, they use a reciprocating diaphragm to move chemical liquids. However, these hold a key advantage. You can purchase them in metal or plastic, making them more compatible with a broader range of chemicals.


Turbine industrial pumps are the fourth and final option that companies rely on the most. The turbine-like impellers designed with teeth move chemical liquid with ease. While they are both efficient and versatile, they can’t accommodate fluid with any solid content.

Other Possibilities

The chemical industry can use many additional types of pumps. It’s important to invest in one of the leading industrial pump systems from Canada specific to the type of chemical.

Regardless of the type of industrial pumps you need, Vissers Sales Corp. can assist. Although we cater to many different industries, we specialize in chemical processing equipment. Give us a call to discuss your specific operations and to get a free quote.