Water pressure booster pumps

When Water Pressure Booster Pumps Make the Difference

Energy-efficient pumps maintain water pressure in regions with low or fluctuating levels.

Where water pressure isn’t enough to propel the water through the pipes

It’s a problem that most households and businesses have experienced at some point. Water pressure is the force that propels water through the pipes to reach various points. Pumps for boosting water pressure are designed to ensure that the pressure is high enough for the water to get where it needs to go.

Water pressure is affected by several things, such as the height of the water reservoir, the elevation of the building or premises, the number of people consuming the water as well as their rates of consumption and the number of water fixtures (sink, toilet etc).

When DIY fixes don’t quite work

If you’ve experienced low water pressure, you were probably quickly frustrated and maybe tried to DIY it. Maybe you cleaned or adjusted the faucet head aerators. Maybe you tried increasing the volume by installing larger pipes. You may have even called the municipal water service to take a look.

Maybe one of these things has helped, but the easiest fix would be buying a water pressure booster pump. Booster pumps are add-ons to a system that increase pressure.

Pumps for boosting water pressure come to the rescue

Many types of pumps can function as booster pumps, depending on the application. Water is drawn into the pump and the pressure increases as the fluid passes through the impeller and diffuser casing, which converts velocity head from the impeller into pressure head.

A pressure tank stores the fluid and keeps the pressure constant within a specified range, so that the pump doesn’t need to turn on and off. A pressure switch with the maximum/minimum PSI settings pre-set regulates the pump’s activity level.

Applications that use water pressure booster pumps

Built to last and designed for continuous operation, booster pumps can be found in many systems, whether residential or commercial. Boosters are used in many applications, often together with turbine or submersible pumps to boost the pressure (head) of water pumped from wellpoints or boreholes, whether for drinking or irrigation.

Booster pumps are also used in pipelines to increase pressure (head) to move the fluid to the next pump or to the end of the pipeline. They are commonly found in process applications where the head needed is more than one pump can provide (such as car washes). Sometimes they act as a second pump in order to prevent pump cavitation.

Types of pumps used for boosting water pressure

Single-stage booster pumps are typically used in applications where only moderate pressure is required, such as when private residences or buildings are relatively far from the municipal water supply. They’re also useful for irrigation systems when the borehole pump doesn’t have enough pressure (head) for the distance that the water needs to go, or where huge tracts of land need to be irrigated.

For applications that need to move water up to higher elevations or over longer pipelines, multi-stage configurations with higher heads are usually required.

These type of pumps come in vertical and multi-stage configurations, split case, and multi-stage submersibles. At Vissers Sales Corp. we have a range of these pumps in stock and can advise on a custom system.

Because cost, space, and installation, which includes the pressure tank, can be an issue, it’s often best to choose a pump for boosting water pressure with the package that includes everything you need. Call us (toll-free) on 1-800- 367-4180 to let our team of experts advise you on the booster systems and pumps we provide.

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