What Are the Qualities That Good Tote Pumps Possess

What Are the Qualities That Good Tote Pumps Possess?

While it might seem like a simple task moving liquid from one area to another, it can become quite complicated. If you were moving a cup of soup to a bowl, that would be easy, wouldn’t it? However, when the liquid is not hot soup but rather a hundred gallons of highly acidic solution with corrosive properties, this task is far more difficult. Barrel pumps are designed for just that type of application. There is no need to lift or tip the container, the handheld pumps a go-to options for many different applications.

Applications for Barrel Pumps

While there are many different areas in which barrel pumps are vital, the following are the most common:

  • Plating
  • Anodizing
  • Water Treatment
  • Chemical Manufacturing

What Qualities of Good Electric Barrel Pumps Are Important?

The barrel pump is an electric pump which helps to make transfers simple and safe between barrels and other containers. This is the same for chemical barrel pumps as well. A handheld motor pumps the liquid through a submersible feeding tube into the desired outlet container quickly and efficiently.

Best Qualities for Barrel Pumps to Have:

  • Rugged Construction
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Manufacturer

Rugged Construction

Because electric barrel pumps are used to transfer corrosive and sometimes harsh chemicals, it is important they have heavy-duty construction to withstand exposure to those types of liquids. If they are not properly suited for it, there can be leaks, deterioration, and even failure.


Crucial to a company’s success, a barrel pump has to be reliable. It needs to have a long lifespan. This is why it is important to only rely on the best in barrel pump manufacturing.


One of the biggest advantages of a barrel pump is its efficiency. It is able to transfer fluids at an impressive rate, all in a handheld device. Whether it is moving corrosive chemicals by chemical tote pumps or water via barrel pumps, they are more than capable of meeting your needs.


For any company, safety is tantamount. It is imperative that not only the structure is safe but employees are kept safe too. The handheld barrel pump is incredibly safe. By not having to remove the lid from the barrels or tip them to transfer the liquid from one barrel to another, it keeps employees safe. They only have to remove the cap and insert the intake hose which minimizes their exposure to the potentially dangerous chemicals.


Barrel pumps can be used across various applications and liquids. The same pump can be used for different liquid solutions at various flow rates which offers an added bonus of flexibility.

In Summary

Regardless of application, barrel pumps can be an invaluable solution to any company handling various liquids. Simple to operate and safe to use, they can provide an easy method of transferring liquid solutions from one barrel to another. Reach out to Vissers Sales today to find out more about our barrel pump solutions.