How To Chose A Metering Pump

A metering pump is typically the best option for chemical applications. While choosing one, here are five factors to consider.

Here Are Five Things To Think About When Selecting Valves.

1. Method Of Control
Will the pump be used in on/off operation governed by a process signal or in manual continuous operation?

2. Flow Rate
Knowing the exact flow rate will help you size to 85/90% of the pump’s capacity, which is optimal.

3. Environment
Will the pump be operating indoors or outdoors? Take into account exposure to sunlight, the possibility of freezing and other environmental factors.

4. Material
Select your material based on the chemicals and abrasiveness it will come into contact with to factor in corrosion and erosion.

5. Liquid Viscosity
Most metering pumps handle liquids up to 1,500 cPs. Anything higher will need liquid ends or diaphragms.