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Expert Insights into Pump Selection for the Wastewater Industry

Before installing, upgrading, or replacing pumps in your industrial facility, it’s important to assess the nature of the wastewater you’re dealing with. Factors like the type of industry, the presence of large solids in the wastewater (e.g. textiles), and the desired durability of the pump should guide your decision. High quality pumps today are designed to handle everything from standard municipal wastewater to highly abrasive industrial waste, making them more versatile and therefore an easier choice for plant managers.

Choosing the Right Pump

Here’s what you need to look at before you settle on the right pump:

  • Type of Waste: Identify whether the waste is more fibrous or includes large, solid particles. This will dictate whether a vortex or S-tube impeller is more suitable.
  • Corrosion Potential: Consider the chemical composition of the wastewater in your factory or plant. Stainless steel impellers might be necessary for corrosive environments.
  • Operational Efficiency Needs: Evaluate the energy consumption requirements and operational cost goals. High quality pumps are typically designed to be energy efficient; but selecting the right model and impeller type can optimize performance and cost.

Grundfos SE/SL Series Pumps

At Vissers Sales we’d worked on multiple projects using Grundfos. The Grundfos SE and SL ranges are submersible wastewater pumps designed for durable, clog-free operation. These pumps are available with a variety of impeller types, each suited to different operational requirements:

  • S-Tube Impeller: Available for both the SE and SL 1-11kW and 9-30kW models, the S-tube impeller provides a balance between free passage and efficiency. It’s designed to handle fluids with large solids, reducing the risk of clogging. The impeller is available in cast iron or stainless steel, depending on the corrosion resistance required.
  • Vortex Impeller: This impeller type offers a larger free passage area, making it ideal for applications where fibrous materials are present. It’s less susceptible to clogging and is available in various materials, including high-grade stainless steel for extra durability.
  • Closed Single and Dual S-tube Impellers: These impellers are perfect for situations requiring high pressure with minimal solid sizes. The closed design reduces the wear and tear on the impeller, extending the pump’s lifespan.

Grundfos SEG Series Pumps

For situations where cutting of solids is necessary, the Grundfos SEG series offers an innovative solution. These pumps come equipped with a semi-open impeller and an integrated grinder system. This setup is particularly useful in industries like food processing, where reducing the size of waste particles before pumping can significantly reduce the risk of blockages and enhance the efficiency of the wastewater management system.

The grinder system consists of a hardened stainless steel cutting head that works against a stationary cutting ring. This design not only minimizes the size of solids but also handles them with a precision that traditional impellers can’t match. The materials used are resistant to wear and corrosion, which is crucial for maintaining performance in harsh environments.

Our technicians at Vissers Sales understand that investing in the right wastewater pump is important to the efficiency and reliability of your operations. Grundfos’ innovative technology in the SE/SL and SEG series offers a range of solutions tailored to meet diverse industrial needs. By choosing the appropriate model and impeller type, we can help you ensure that your wastewater system operates smoothly, with minimal downtime and maximum longevity. Call us Canada Toll-Free at 1 800 367 4180 or drop us an inquiry via our contact page.