Mag-drive centrifugal pumps

How to Choose Between Conventionally Driven and Magnetic Driven Pumps

If you work in an industry where you need to move liquids, pumps are vital. The right pump will displace water, oil, and chemicals quickly and in high volumes. With different pump choices available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business.

Mag-drive centrifugal pumps offer some advantages over traditional varieties. As you understand the benefits these pumps offer, you can decide whether they make sense for you.

An Overview of a Magnetically Driven Centrifugal Pump

The force of magnets drives this type of pump, rather than using other, direct methods to power it. The use magnetic couplers eliminates the need for mechanical seals or other shaft seals. Mag-drive pumps do not have a shaft coming out of the pump casing. Instead, there is a magnet on the drive shaft of the motor, which controls the pump’s rotation.

Inside the pump, there is another magnet on the impeller shaft; the part that moves the liquid through the pump. A casing at the rear of the pump separates these two magnets. In short, a mag-drive centrifugal pumps contains no dynamic seals, only static seals which require far less maintenance and make the pump essentially leak free.

Where You May See These Pumps

An industrial mag-drive pump has many uses. A wide range of industries use them for pumpjng a wide range of chemicals. They are useful in the following:

  • Manufacturing
  • Medical facilities
  •  Biofuels
  • Water treatment
  •  Heat transfer systems

Know the Advantages

First, understand how mag-drive centrifugal pumps can help your business. One benefit is that they rarely leak. People working on and around the pumps should not have exposure to hazardous or toxic chemicals or fluids. The pumps are durable and dependable for even the most challenging jobs. They can operate effectively under harsh conditions, including extreme heat.

You and others in your business will not have to worry about continual maintenance and upkeep either. Unlike conventionally driven pumps, this type will rarely need repairs. There is no need to align the pump or motor since there are usually no couplings on these pumps.

Know the Disadvantages

A magnetically driven centrifugal pump is not always the best solution. There may be times when you would want to choose a conventionally sealed pump. If your operations include the use of solid materials, you cannot use mag-drive pumps.

You should use conventionally driven pumps with suitable seals in this case. Magnetically driven pumps may have a higher capital cost. However, because of their low maintenance and durability, you should be able to recover the costs relatively quickly.

Improving Efficiency

For many industries and businesses, mag-drive centrifugal pumps are the right choice. Vissers Sales Corp can help you find the right product. Call us today for more information.