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Can Split Vane Impellers Reduce the Impact of Pressure Pulsation?

Have you thought about the detrimental effects of pressure pulsation on your centrifugal pump and the delicate machinery it powers? These pulsations can wreak havoc on equipment, causing unwanted damage and inefficiencies. This article invites you to explore whether a split vane impeller (also known as a staggered vane impeller) can offset these pulsations.

Introducing the Split Vane Impeller

The split vane (also known as staggered vane) impeller features split vanes, cleverly offset from each other. Its design was specifically engineered to mitigate pressure pulsations during pumping. In a centrifugal pump, pulsations occur as each vane encounters the cutwater, more vanes reduce pulsations in critical processes.

Understanding an Impeller’s Impact

Among all the components within a pump, the impeller holds the key to pressure pulsations. The geometry of the impeller is particularly crucial. With staggered vanes, only half the width of each vane passes the cutwater at a time. This means a portion of the vane makes twice as many passes while the volume within each vane is halved. This intricate modification leads to a reduction in pulsation magnitude but at a higher frequency.

Application of the Split Vane Impeller in Real-World Scenarios

The split vane impeller has widespread usage in large double-suction centrifugal pumps. Originating from the paper industry, where minimal pressure pulsations are essential, these impellers have proven instrumental in preserving papermaking machines’ paper quality and longevity. Various industries, including the chemical industry, also rely on these impellers to achieve reduced pulsation. In the chemical industry, a split vane impeller actively helps reduce cavitation by generating a uniform flow of liquid through the pump.

Similarly, split vane impellers play a crucial role in minimising recirculation in the water treatment industry by creating a more turbulent flow of liquid through the pump. Staggered vane impellers are also commonly used in power generation, where it’s important to avoid vibration.

Efficiency and Performance of Split Vane Impellers

While a pulsation-free environment is an ideal scenario, it’s important to note that staggered vane impellers may not be universally suitable. Tests have indicated a slight decrease in pump efficiency with the adoption of these impellers. Therefore, when considering using a split vane impeller, it’s important to weigh up factors such as allowable pressure magnitude, pressure frequency, and desired efficiency levels.

The Right Solution for Pressure Pulsation

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