Benefits Of Mechanical Seals For Your Pumps

Mechanical seals are the preferred sealing method for most pump makers because they suit a variety of applications . They offer 5 key benefits over the conventional packed stuffing boxes .

  • Reduced Friction And Loss Of Power
    The faces of mechanical seals are kept lubricated with a film of fluid. This combined with the perfect spacing between the faces makes for less friction which means you lose less power.
  • Zero Product Leakage
    The main purpose of mechanical seals is preventing pumped fluid from leaking. While there is room for error sometimes, this can be prevented by proper installation and venting.
  • Elimination Of Excessive Wear
    An accurately installed mechanical seal can help protect your equipment. Clear guidelines are in place for alignment, impeller positioning and the like, which bring stability and extend the life of your equipment.
  • Maintenance Reduced
    When correctly aligned, without vibrations, and at the right temperature, mechanical seals are extremely durable and easily repaired in case of issues. Fixing a mechanical seal is relatively low cost as well.
  • Long Term Cost Effectiveness
    Fewer fluids lost in leaks means significant savings that come from less waste, a reduction of pump failures, and easier maintenance. They also reduce the hazards to pump operators and bring associated health, safety, and environmental benefits