5 Reasons To Have A Residential UV Water Filter

Water from the tap, while generally safe, can have variables. UV puried water oers advantages, and is worth considering especially in cases where you are dealing with children and older adults.

1. It Is Effective

  • It can kill over 99% of all disease-causing micro-organisms, including viruses.

2. It Is Chemical Free

  • UV rays are electromagnetic waves, a type of light that we can’t see.

3. It Doesn’t Change The Properties Of Water

  • Since the water is purified without the use of chemicals, there’s no change in its taste, colour or odour.

4. It Is Efficient

  • Unlike osmosis-based water purifiers, UV water purifiers do not waste any water.

5. It Is Low-Maintenance

  • UV water purifiers are highly reliable and last long. UV lamps can last as long as 12,000 hours.