Why Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems Work

With the looming crisis of climate change, there’s an ever greater push towards solar energy as an alternate source of power. This has resulted in a solar boom of sorts, with falling costs and incentives making solar power very attractive. Water pumping systems powered by the sun are today not just viable, but actually make better sense both financially and in terms of flexibility.

Advantages of solar powered water pumping systems

  • They are powered by an emission-free, renewable energy.
  • They can be set up in remote places such as mountainous regions, where power from the grid is not available.
  • They are easy to setup and maintain.
  • They can be relocated easily if required.
  • Initial investment costs aside, the system is cost-effective to operate and pays for itself quickly.

A key concern is the fear of lack of power during overcast days. This problem can be mitigated with the use of power storage units (batteries) and water storage tanks. During extended periods of cloudy weather, generators can be utilized to takeover power supply needs temporarily.

Water pumping is not generally a constant process. The power generated by solar panels can be easily used to run pumps to draw water, which can be conveniently stored in large overhead tanks for use at night and on cloudy days. Solar powered water pumping systems are particularly suitable for residential and agricultural purposes.

Getting the most out of a solar powered water pumping system

The power generated by solar panels is dependent on a few factors (over and above the availability of sunlight) such as the efficiency of the solar panels and the capacity of a solar power system. Naturally, the use of fewer and less expensive solar panels means there’s less energy available to run pumps.

The limitations of the solar panels, however, can be overcome by increasing the overall operating efficiency of a water pumping system. Using the right pump for a particular application is more important in a solar water pumping system than in a traditional one.

A pump’s water pumping capacity, the pumping height and distance should be carefully considered before purchasing a unit. A submersible pump is best suited for when water has to be drawn from deep underground. Suction pressure is best maintained at optimum levels to reduce the strain on the pump and ensure only the minimum electricity required is being utilized. Every part of the system should be designed for maximum efficiency and reliability to make a solar powered water pumping system truly effective.

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