Unreliable flow? It’s time to install a pulsation dampener

When operating a positive displacement, metering, peristaltic and hose pump, you might hear movement or rattling in your pipes, usually caused by pulsation. You might also notice an unsteady or unreliable flow. This is a more common problem than you might think. To deal with this issue you need to install pulsation dampeners (one or more).

Before you go out and DIY a solution, take a moment to find the source of the pulsation. Most pumps have pulsation within the pipes or system, so finding the source will determine useful clues about the type, size, and correct placement for the dampener (as close to the source as possible). Generally speaking, a pulsation dampener is installed downstream on the outlet side of the pump.

But don’t take too long. If you’re hearing rattling pipes, it’s important to address the issue quickly. If a pipeline suffers from vibration for a long time, this can damage the system components and piping over time. Pulsation dampeners ensure reduced wear on these components and contribute to their longer lifespan.

So how does it work? A pulsation dampening device works a bit like the shocks on your car’s suspension. When you drive over a bumpy road, these shocks absorb the vibrations, which results in a smoother ride. A pulsation dampener works along the same principle. It adapts to fluid and pressure levels in your system to prevent harmful shock waves.

A properly installed pulsation dampener will result in a steady fluid flow. It will enhance the performance of your pumping system and enable continuous dosage at the injection point. However, you might need more than one. Depending on your application or industry, you could need several pulsation dampeners within a system. It’s more important to have the dampener installed at every source of pulsation in the system than to have one large pulsation dampener.

We supply and recommend Griffco Valve’s pulsation dampeners. Their ISO-certified, robust dampeners are reliable and affordable, and best of all, come in 22 volumetric sizes. Installing the right-sized pulsation dampener correctly will prevent issues like water hammer and friction loss. Griffco’s pulsation dampeners are highly-regarded for their abilities to enhance dosing accuracy, while also protecting the dosing pump and discharge line from pressure surges.

Griffco Valve have created a helpful online calculator to assist you when trying to choose the correctly sized unit. By inserting the type of pump and gas, system pressure, volume per stroke and desired dampening effect, you can get an accurate idea of what size pulsation dampener you need.

Alternatively, give us a call on 1-800-367-4180 (toll-free). Our experts are on hand to help you choose, install, maintain, and monitor a variety of equipment. And to answer questions about things you’ve previously tried gone wrong.