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Important Facts about Industrial Pumps

Numerous industries depend on high-performing pumps. This is especially true for the chemical processing industry. With so many different types of chemicals, it’s essential to use the right equipment. This is when you want to trust one of the leading pump distributors in Canada to assist.

A respected industrial pumps supplier will first understand the types and volume of chemicals that your company processes. Based on that information, a representative will show you the best options. That way, you don’t have to worry about delayed production, accidental spills, and other problems.

Important Facts to Know

One quick note, not all manufacturers make equipment to the same high standards. The same goes for pump suppliers in Canada. While some are great, others don’t provide outstanding service or products. Always do business with one of the top-rated pump distributors in Canada to ensure you get the exact pump needed.

Plug and Play Pumps

Today, it’s easy to find plug and play type equipment from an industrial pumps supplier. However, that doesn’t mean you can simply plug it in at your facility and let it operate. A plug and play pump shows up only as a bare shaft unit. So, either you do the work or you hire an expert.

Peak Operations

Pump suppliers in Canada explain that this equipment works the best at one point or within a specific range on its performance curve. Every pump has a different point or range. So, it would help to know what that is for the type of pump you want to purchase. The goal is to get equipment with the best efficiency point confirmed through testing.

Specific Performance

A pump’s performance might not apply to a buyer’s industry. For instance, many pumps move water, but they don’t handle chemicals. Try to identify excellent pump distributors in Canada. Then, you’ll have an easier time finding one with manufactured pumps specifically designed for chemical processing.

Pump Reaction

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about industrial pumps is that they react to the system they’re installed in. Take centrifugal pumps as an example, which pump suppliers in Canada commonly sell to the chemical industry. Based on the design, this type of pump reacts to both the system’s operating speed and liquid properties.

A Common Mistake

The one mistake that a lot of industries make is trying to run the pump backward as a way of reversing the liquid’s flow. Well, pumps don’t work that way. Even if in reverse, the liquid will still go into the suction nozzle and out through the discharge nozzle.

Rely on an Experienced Industrial Pumps Supplier

To feel confident in the pump you get for your chemical processing company, work with an experienced industrial pumps supplier. Vissers Sales Corp. will help you find the right equipment for efficient, effective, and safe operations. Call us today.