How to Choose the Right Metering Pumps for Your Application

How to Choose the Right Metering Pumps for Your Application

Commonly found in various industries, metering pumps are also known as dosing pumps. They can help to add chemicals at regulated intervals to properly mix chemicals and other solutions. There are many different factors involved when choosing the appropriate metering pump for your application.

Factors Which Can Determine the Best Industrial Metering Pumps

While there are many factors, the most important to consider are listed below:

  • Flow Rate
  • Operating Environment
  • Fluid Composition
  • Pump Construction Materials

Flow Rate

Without question, flow rate is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best suited metering pumps. Knowing what the expected or desired flowrate is for your application is crucial to proper system design and proper pump selection. It should be noted that a good rule of thumb is ensure the flow rate is no more than 90% of the pump’s capacity. This will make sure that if small increases are necessary, the flow rate won’t exceed the design specifications of the pump.

Operating Environment

It is important to know the type of environment in which the pump will be used. Will the pump be used outside? Will it be in direct sunlight? Will there be wild fluctuations in temperatures? Will it be operating in below freezing conditions? This is important because certain solutions will freeze during operation, causing a huge problem for the pumping system as well as the pumps. All of these factors will greatly impact the performance of the pump.

Fluid Composition

The composition of the fluid can alter the viscosity of the fluid which can impact how the pump works to transport the fluid. Metering pumps can be designed to handle a wide variety of fluid compositions. However, aspects of the pump and the pumping system will need to be changed as the fluids become thicker and more viscous. Transporting thick fluids which contain solids will need different types of ends. This could include special diaphragms to handle thick liquids, especially those containing solid material. If this isn’t done, the pump will fail with catastrophic results to the pumping system.

Pump Construction Materials

The parts making up the metering pumps will change depending upon the metering pump applications. It is important the components can withstand the conditions they will be exposed to. This is not just the environmental conditions but the conditions of the fluid as well. Many industries handle corrosive or abrasive liquids which will require heavy-duty pumps. If this isn’t dealt with, the lifespan of the pump will be greatly compromised. If the pump will need to pump those types of materials, it is important to find pumps made with stainless steel components.

In Conclusion

No matter the environment nor the liquid being transported, there is a pump solution for it. There are many different factors involved which is why it is important to rely on professional guidance when building and maintaining the pumping systems. Reach out to Vissers Sales for more information today.