Free, User-friendly Pump-related Resources For Fluid-process Equipmen

Are you keen on finding interesting and informative articles about pumps and systems? Our blog contains many tips, tools and insights, but we’d also like to share some of incredible information available online. These helpful tools and resources range from compatibility charts to white papers you can use whether you’re a plant manager, maintenance team or DIYer working with fluid-process equipment.

Chemical Compatibility

If you’re looking for an extensive guide on chemical compatibility to select the materials best suited for your application, look no further. The Sandpiper chemical compatibility guide provides advanced information on the chemicals compatible with your pumping application.

If you have either the name of the chemical or the material and you’re not sure what would be the best match for it, check out the Cole-Parmer online chemical compatibility database brought to you by Cole-Parmer. Here, you can choose either a chemical and get all its material compatibilities or choose a material and get all its chemical compatibilities. If you know what chemical and what material will be interacting, you can select both and find out their compatibility, ranked from A – excellent, to D- severe, or E – unknown.

You can also get a free download of the chemical resistance chart on our website, also brought to you by Cole-Parmer.

However, no compatibility chart can cover everything, and many materials are rated differently from manufacturer to manufacturer. We advise that you check several charts when researching the compatibility of an application.

Pump Selection

Brought to you by Viking Pumps, the Viking Pump Selector is a tool designed to help you find which pumps meet your requirements. All you must do to get results is fill in your equipment specifications and application settings. You can also use this program to develop flow and performance curves for specific models and applications. It’s easy to use with specific instructions and dropdowns and the information you’ll get is priceless!

Friction Loss

If you need to calculate friction loss, there’s only one place to go. FreeCalc is a free friction-loss indicator that gives you a quick and accurate measure of liquid friction pressure loss.

Fluid Sealing

For an inside look at the world of fluid sealing, watch the live video chat with the Fluid Sealing Association. Part of their #KnowledgeShared initiative, Empower Pumps & Equipment discusses fluid sealing and what you can do about it.

Pump Reliability

According to Crane Engineering, unplanned maintenance accounts for 60% of maintenance department budgets. They’ve created a guide to creating a solid pump reliability strategy, which comes with a downloadable audit spreadsheet to help you organize your assets, as well as a handy goal planning worksheet.

Technical Advice

If you’re looking for downloadable white papers or e-guides on subjects ranging from how to extend bearing life to matching pump maintenance and workplace safety, we recommend the Pumps & Systems resource centre. Here, you’ll find technical advice on almost any pump-related enquiry you can think of.

Do you have a question about where to find other pump-related resources? Maybe you just want to discuss a problem you’re having with your system? No matter what your question, we can quickly recommend an appropriate solution. Call our toll-free number 1-800-367-4180 for expert help and advice on choosing, installing, or maintaining your equipment. And to find the answer to questions about things you’ve previously tried gone wrong.