Discover Innovative Technology To Monitor Your Pumps And Equipment

Red means danger!

We’ve all had this drilled into our brains, whether it’s the red on a traffic light, a warning sign, or a fire engine.

Most predictive systems use this understanding to warn of potential danger, including the i-ALERT monitoring technology from ITT. When a red light flashes, it warns that a pump is experiencing vibrations or temperatures higher or lower than normal. This tells you or your maintenance team to check for trouble. When you’ve fixed the problem, it flashes green again.

But what do you do if this happens overnight when nobody is watching?

What if it only flashes red temporarily?

What if process-upset conditions occur that are difficult to get to?

Plant and maintenance managers need to make time critical equipment decisions before there are issues. They need to be able to scan multiple machines at the same time. ITT developed a range of products to solve these challenges, with the more sophisticated i-ALERT monitoring portfolio.

The i-ALERT sensor allows you to monitor your machines, which you can pair to a gateway device for remote monitoring. A wireless Bluetooth-compatible pressure sensor allows you to monitor fluid process conditions and gather data to identify and troubleshoot process-upset conditions that can damage pumping equipment.

You can download the i-ALERT mobile app and connect to all your devices wirelessly, allowing you to view real-time and historical data from your mobile phone. A simple web-based interface on the i-ALERT AI platform, in turn, gives you a visual display of all your sensors and machines for advanced monitoring.

Here’s some key benefits that explain why we think you should consider using this technology:

  • Easy installation
  • Early discovery of machine failures
  • Monitor vibration, temperature, and run-time
  • Instant, remote access to machine records
  • Analyze trends with data logging
  • Reduce data collection time
  • Sync data wirelessly to mobile devices
  • Generate reports
  • Comply with legislation (hazardous environment rated)
  • Simple web interface (i-ALERT® Ai Platform)
  • Retrofit to any rotating equipment in the field

As the growing fourth industrial revolution results in more devices becoming Bluetooth enabled and interconnected through advanced technology, plant and maintenance managers can become less reactive and more proactive to discover signs of machine failure in advance and minimize downtime. Technological innovations such as the i-ALERT monitoring portfolio allow better condition monitoring – saving time on analysis and troubleshooting.

If you’d like to find out more about i-ALERT and other technological solutions for your pumps and equipment, call our toll-free number 1-800-367-4180. We have experts on hand to help you choose, install, maintain and monitor a variety of equipment. And to answer questions about things you’ve previously tried gone wrong.