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Choosing the right metering pump accessories

A metering system consists of more than a pump. Along the pipeline, there are many critical metering pump accessories such as pulsation dampeners, safety and back pressure valves, flow metres, calibration columns and weigh scales. All these accessories play crucial roles in making the system more effective.

We supply metering pump accessories from some of the world’s top manufacturers including Blachoh, Hayward, Carlon, Griffco Valves, Saf-t-flo and Eagle Microsystems. But, how do you know which metering pump accessories are required?

The following list will help you make the right choice for the needs of your application.

1. A pulsation dampener smooths out the flow of the liquid and eliminates spikes in pressure, which is useful when constant pump discharge pressure and smooth injection rates are required, for example in a sprayer nozzle application. Both the diaphragm and body of the pulsation dampener must be compatible with the pumped fluid. We sell Griffco pulsation dampeners, which reduce harmful shock waves and can deliver continuous dosage at the point of injection.

2. A pressure relief valve can help protect the pump, motor and discharge piping in the event of over-pressure. When the pressure limit is reached, the pressure relief valve opens and the liquid flows to a safety containment. We stock the four main types of adjustable Griffco Valve pressure relief valves because they work in many different applications and automatically reseal when excess pressure subsides.

3. A back pressure valve improves pumping repeatability. Usually used in conjunction with pulsation dampeners to improve the performance of the dampener, the back pressure valve provides (artificial) constant pressure on the discharge side, which improves the pump’s flow control. This is important when there is virtually no pressure on the discharge side, or where the system pressure changes. Constant back pressure against the pump improves the pump’s performance by making the discharge flow rate more consistent and controllable. We offer three main types of Griffco back pressure valves to suit low, medium, and high-pressure applications.

4. A calibration column or cylinder can help the pump operator precisely measure the flow rate of the metering pump once it is in service.These columns come in various capacity sizes. To size a calibration cylinder or column, a unit must hold a minimum liquid volume equal to the maximum pump flow rate for one minute. It is also important to select the tube and fitting material that will be compatible with the liquid being pumped. We supply Griffco PVC and Borosilicate Glass calibration cylinders in different sizes and material options that can accurately verify the flow rate of the pump.

Those are some of the factors to consider when specifying accessories for a metering pump. You can view the metering supply accessories we recommend, or call us at 1-800-367-4180 (toll-free) for specific information on the right metering pump and accessories for your application. We are your industrial pumps supplier in Canada and we’re here to help you choose, install, maintain, and monitor a variety of equipment. And to answer questions about things you’ve previously tried gone wrong.