Benefits Of Speed Controlled Pumps

A speed controlled pump automatically adapts your pump performance to the actual need.

  • Energy Savings
    When your pump is able to regulate the amount of power it consumes, you are running things most efficiently, which will reduce your energy consumption making for cost savings and greener operations.
  • Reduced Operating Costs
    Speed controlled pumps can make some valves unnecessary. They also eliminate the need for bladder tanks. They further reduce floor space requirements, reducing your total system cost.
  • Equipment Protection
    Speed controlled pumps put less stress on your motor, pump and system as a whole. They have a soft start/stop and offer overload protection of your motor and electronic components.
  • Better Process
    Speed controlled pumps adapt automatically to changes in your system. With them, you have reduced noise and no water hammer. They also provide constant system output rather than cycling which makes for a process that works better.
  • Less Power Disturbance
    Supply voltage dips when pumps start, causing connected sensitive equipment to trip. Speed controlled pumps adjust the power used causing fewer outages and less down time.