A New Era In Chemical Dosing

Many treatment processes require chemical dosing, whereby chemicals are injected into foul water, sewage or thick slurries to treat sewage or remove phosphates so that industrial effluent can return to the natural water course.
Typically, a chemical dosing system uses pumps to automate the process. Wastewater treatment facilities must also comply with environmental regulations that ensure that effluent is filtered and sufficiently processed to prevent toxins being released into the water course. Therefore, wastewater treatment companies must use chemical dosing to attain the correct pH level and remove any toxins or impurities.
Many of the chemicals used are quite expensive, which means that treatment plants need to maintain strict control over the dosing process. Also, there are often issues with piping due to inefficient piping design, such as poor quality piping connections, leakage and excessive vibration which can lead to deteriorating connections and components. Vissers presents a solution to the problems faced by the chemical dosing industry, bringing about a new era in chemical dosing with the DICE Dosing Module. Created by Canadian equipment manufacturer, Meunier Technologies, the DICE Dosing Module meets most applications, whether municipal or industrial.

Introducing the DICE Dosing Module

The DICE Dosing Module integrates all the discharge components required for a standard dosing system, with a significantly reduced number of connections. This minimizes the possibilities of leakage. A block-type design with no threaded or glued connections allows a more rigid and durable solution, one that is more reliable over time. The compact design of the module also allows for minimal footprint.

Its integrated parts include:

  • Ball valves for outlet, calibration column, and drainage;
  • Auxiliary ports: pulsation dampener, washing port, transport/dilution water and secondary pumps;
  • Adjustable back pressure valve
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve;
  • Pressure gauge with isolator; and
  • The standard design

Advantages of the DICE Module:

  • With only 3 supporting bolts and 4 connections, the module can easily be installed on new systems or retrofitted on existing systems.
  • It’s possible to have only 1 dosing module for three pumps (1 injection point).
  • The pump can be calibrated with the correct suction head and discharge pressure.
  • Using the module minimizes leakages, limiting risk of exposure to potentially hazardous chemical leaks
  • The module is so simple that any issue can be quickly diagnosed
  • It is easy to use, so technical operators feel comfortable using the module
  • Only a single, pre-adjusted part needs to be maintained – thus downtime is minimized as replacements can be done by the operator and the system can be up and running within minutes.

Why we recommend chemical dosing with DICE

We believe that the module allows for better precision and protection in the dosing system. With its reduced connections and block-type design, it overcomes many piping system design problems, which can affect operations. Due to its machined fabrication, we believe the results are better than any other chemical dosing system.
If you’d like to find out more about the DICE chemical dosing system and why we recommend it so highly, call our toll-free number at 1-800- 367-4180. We have experts on hand to help you choose, install, and maintain a variety of equipment.