Know Your Mixer Impeller/Agitator Blade – Radial Flow Impellers

Know Your Mixer Impeller/Agitator Blade – Radial Flow Impellers

1. Radial flow impeller blades are not pitched (unlike axial flow impellers)

2. Radial flow impellers typically range between 4 to 6 blades

3. Radial flow impellers generate a lot of shear stress in fluids

4. Radial flow impellers produce low fluid flow

Best Applications Of Radial Flow Impellers

The shear stress generated by these impellers are suitable for dispersion applications.

Example: In the paint industry where high-shear radial blades are used to rapidly break down agglomerates and produce a uniform mix.

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Know Your Mixer Impeller/Agitator Blade – Radial Flow Impellers

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