Know Your Mixer Impeller/Agitator Blade Axial Flow Impellers

Know Your Mixer Impeller/Agitator Blade Axial Flow Impellers

  • Axial flow impellers are shear impellers that facilitate axial flow in fluids (cyclic movement of fluid in a down-up direction).

  • Individual blades are typically pitched at a 45 degree angle to facilitate shear stress.

  • Axial flow impellers have a balanced shear stress to fluid displacement ratio.

  • This ratio can be varied by using blades with a different pitch to match the application.

They are well suited for a broad range of applications, making them one of the more common types of impellers. Applications include:

  • High to low viscosity fluid blending

  • Suspension of solids, flocculation

  • Gas dispersion

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Know Your Mixer Impeller/Agitator Blade Axial Flow Impellers








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