5 Applications That Allow You To Harness The Powerful Benefits Of AODD Pump

In our quick quide to air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps, we discussed how an AODD pump can be most in most facilities and industries due to their efficiency, performance, and precision. AODD pumps are uniquely designed to ensure the compressed air only moves the liquid and doesn’t compensate for any losses in friction.

We learned that they are self-priming and seal-free, which makes them ideal for abrasive, solid, corrosive, and shear-sensitive fluid transfer. They are also suited for applications where there is no electricity, or hazardous environments where electricity cannot be used. With fewer moving parts, an AODD pump can be more energy-efficient to use and easier to maintain – especially since the air drive system is not contaminated if the diaphragm fails.

Positive displacement AODD pumps, such as the range supplied by our manufacturers at All-Flo Company or Graco, are ideal for handling any number of applications. These include:

1. Chemical or hazardous fluid transfer

AODD pumps are commonly used for fluid transfer because they can move almost any type of liquid without damaging the fluid or pump itself. From the thinnest solvents to paint, inks or pigments, harsh or hazardous chemicals, solvents or cleaners to abrasive, corrosive or viscous fluids, AODD pumps are often the first choice for paint and varnish, chemical, oil, water treatment, and mining and construction industries. They’re also well suited to portable spill clean-ups.

2. Dewatering

Probably the most common use for self-priming AODD pumps, dewatering must happen when water accumulates. A 2-inch AODD pump from All-Flo can prime to 24 feet. This means you could quickly drop a hose into a flooded construction site and begin dewatering!

3. Filter press applications

With a low resistance filter and a great reaction to head pressure, AODD pumps are great for filter press applications that allow large volumes of fluid to be delivered. The resistance increases with the volume. When the head pressure is equal to the input pressure, the pump stops transferring fluid to save energy. This makes AODD pumps great for industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, food processing, chemicals, paint and varnish or water treatment.

4. Cleaning and spraying

Due to their durability and ability to produce sufficient volume, AODD pumps are ideal for cleaning roofs, spraying paint, or spraying for anti-static. When combined with an air compressor, the AODD pump can dispense cleaning chemicals, paints, and other fluids at a constant rate, while remaining durable enough to handle the corrosive chemicals used to clean.

5. Precision

Precision is crucial when you need to dispensing liquids, such as inks, into differently sized containers. The unique design of an AODD pump such as the All-Flo pump company’s unique pumps allows operators the ability to regulate dispensed ink, fill into 20-litre pails or containers and to meter chemicals for water treatment.

AODD pumps come in different sizes from 0.25 inches to 3 inches, and a range of materials and options (such as heavy-duty metallic or non-metallic) to meet your specific needs. However, certain chemicals can impact the maximum safe operating temperatures for transfer.

Call our toll-free number at 1-800-367-4180 to find out the chemical compatibility and temperature limits for specific fluids and advice on choosing the correct sized AODD pump for your application. Our experts are on hand to help you choose, install, and maintain your equipment. And to answer questions about things you’ve previously tried gone wrong.