chemical filtration systems

3 Ways Chemical Filtration Systems Can Optimize Your Processes

Chemical plants are dependent on chemical filtration systems to separate substances in a flow from one another (for example solid particles) or to achieve a desired chemical reaction. Chemical filters can be used in water purification, air purification, the processing of raw materials or the industrial filtration of ingredients.

Whether it’s purifying feed or the final product, preventing liquid contamination due to emulsion or dispersion, or allowing process fluid reuse or the purification of the final product, efficient and cost-effective chemical filtration systems are crucial for most industrial processes.

The advantages of chemical filtration systems

 Efficient processes-

In any facility, processes are interconnected. Any inefficiency in one area will have a domino effect – and could become costly for the plant as a whole. Efficient chemical filtration systems at critical points in the process operation can help reduce the risk of burgeoning operating costs and improve the quality of the end product.

Streamlined operation-

Each chemical process system that we recommend has been developed to address specific filtration challenges. For example, industries such as oil & gas and the chemical industry for example, usually work with liquids that are difficult to separate as they contain emulsions. Without the right solution, process performance will be affected. Water and wastewater facilities, on the other hand, need to remove both solid particulates and emulsions. Meanwhile, many plants require automated solutions. Thus, each chemical filtration solution must meet the process need – and integrate seamlessly to allow streamlined operations.

Reduced downtime-

When processing feed stock, particulate removal is of great importance. Solid contaminants interfere with the chemical process, reducing the quality of the product. These contaminants can also lead to the corrosion and the deterioration of process equipment and piping over time, causing costly downtime for maintenance and repair.

There are many chemical filtration solutions and technologies out there, which can make it difficult to find the best chemical filtration system for enhanced reliability, improved process efficiencies and reduced downtime. Sometimes a combination of chemical filtration solutions may be required to address your process application needs.

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