Saf-T-Flo CFI Series Non-Retractable Injection Quill

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Saf-T-Flo CFI Series Non-Retractable Injection Quill


product-eb120ss-rThe CFI series non-retractable design is often selected based on it's ability to handle high-pressure and/or high-temperature applications where threaded connections are not permitted.  They are also ideal for applications where the strength and rigidity of the design is needed to withstand aggressive flow turbulence and high process velocities.

Minimum Required Flange Size

Tube Size Min. Flange Size
1/2" 1"
3/4" 1-1/2"
1" 1-1/2"
1-1/2" 2"
2" 2-1/2"
2-1/2" 3"
3" 4"
4" 6"





  • Standard face to face dimension of the flanges is 8".  Other lengths may be available upon request.

  • Solution tube sizes listed are nominal pipe size (NPS).  Schedule 40 pipe dimensions are standard.  Schedule 80 is available on request, however, availability of titanium in schedule 80 is subject to change.

  • Flanges are per ANSI B16.5.

  • The inlet flange (chemically wetted) will be the same material type as the solution tube.  The size of the inlet flange will be the same NPS size as the solution tube.  Other options may be available.

  • Main connection flanges (non-chemically wetted) can be stainless steel for Alloy C276 and Alloy 20 solution tubes assuming stainless steel is compatible with the process fluid.  Titanium flanges are required for use with titanium solution tubes.










1.Diffuser hole layout to be provided by customer. SAF-T-FLO does not provide recommendations for diffuser hole layouts.


HASTELLOY  C-276 is a registered trademark of Haynes Internationa


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