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Reflex Strainer

Advanced Flexible De-Watering and Filtration Devices for Harsh Environments

Born out of the high demands of the Australian underground mining environment, the Reflex Suction Strainer is designed to survive in hostile and high traffic environments. Moulded from an advanced blend of polymer rubbers, the Reflex Suction Strainer can handle extreme conditions including being run over by vehicles and machinery. The Reflex Suction Strainer costs less than conventional strainers, also saves time in cleaning and replacements. Reflex Suction Strainers are safe to use and manufactured in accordance to ISO:9001.



  • Underground and open cut development areas affected by excess water

  • Roadways subject to constant inundation with water

  • Any mining areas with high levels of water affecting production

  • The mining hose with flexible strainer is simply laid on the ground in the water affected zone and pumping may commence

  • No steel parts, bore holes or infrastructure needed from suction area to pump

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  • The product uses vulcanised polymers eliminating sharp edges and reducing hand injuries (no metal) inherent in normal metal strainers

  • Removal of submersible steel objects and sharp objects, reducing trip and cut hazards

  • Lightweight and flexible design, meaning less impact on personnel and machinery when in contact

  • Quick and easy to clean, so personnel will spend less time in heavy traffic areas repairing or replacing equipment

Cost Savings

  • Does not corrode, therefore reduced replacement required

  • Sustains many heavy contacts without breaking allowing the part to last longer

  • Longer-lasting parts protect the pumps for longer periods, leading to less downtime, personnel intervention and repair and maintenance

  • No need to drill costly bore holes and associated equipment in development roadways as the product can be used directly on roads and in direct contact with machinery

  • More cost-effective pumps can be used keeping operating and capital costs down (diaphragm v submersible)



Flow rate 850 litres per minute
Hole Size 8mm
Filtration flow 12 times surface area to suction aperture
Elongation Safe capability 450%
Length 370mm or 470mm with hose tail
Width 63mm
Weight approx. 550g with hose tail 700g
Hardness 60 - 70 shore A
Temperature range Safe -66c to 100+c
Colours Black / Yellow
  • Vulcanized elastomeric compound

  • Manufactured in accordance to ISO9001

  • Supports in excess of 100 tonnes of downward pressure

  • Fast attachment / detachment to Camlock fitting

  • No hose clamp required for hose tail fitting

Reflex Hose Tail Attachment


Flow rate 850 litres per minute
Elongation Safe capability 450%
Length 135mm
Width 75mm
Weight approx. 150g
Hardness 90 shore A
Temperature range Safe -66c to 100+c
Size 2” (51mm) standard other sizes available on request
  • Vulcanized elastomeric compound

  • Manufactured in accordance to ISO9000

  • Supports in excess of 100 tonnes of downward pressure

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