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Pumps 2000 also has a number of accessories to help you with your pumping applications including suction strainers, float switches, air line diverter (debris trap) and general hose & fitting extras. Please contact us for more assistance in pump selection and setup advice.

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Float Switch Set-up Video

Water Monitor Float Switch

Water Hole Monitor

Adjustable and Pneumatic Water Monitor Float Switch

  • Save on compressed air and maintenance costs

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

  • Reduction in labor (reduced pump change outs)

  • Light weight

  • Efficient reliable operation

  • No lubrication required

  • Anti-Static rear housing ensures continuity of FRAS hosing

  • Plastic and stainless steel construction (non-corrosive)

  • Simple to use and maintain

Air Particulate

Installed to the air inlet of the Pumps 2000 diaphragm pump the Air Diverter will trap debris from the air-line at the bottom of the diverter body ready for purging. This can save you the trouble and expense associated with damaging the internal air motor of a pump due to common air-line particulate.



Quick Strainer

A convienient suction strainer with a 2 inch External Thread Connection also with a 1/2 inch External Thread breather connection.





Square Slurry Strainer

Designed to be used with the Slurry Valve pumps. The Square Slurry Strainer is designed to sit in the sump bottom and has 7/16" holes. This allows for coal fines and larger solids to be pumped in conjunction with liquid. Also includes breather hose that allows air to enter and aid in pump suction. Available in 1", 1 ½" & 2" sizes.



Dolphin Floating Strainer

A floating strainer made of durable polyurethane with stainless hardware. Closed cell foam in the top float ensures flotation even if cracked and foam becomes wet. Has 3/16" strainer holes. A perfect complement to Ball Valve pumps for dewatering applications. Available in 1.5, 2, 3, 4 & 6" sizes.




Rib Bracket (for hanging)

A hanging apparatus that will put the pump on a wall and away from potential damage from a mine vehicle or scoop.





Pump Cages

Protective devices to prevent damage from impact in mining environments.

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