Masterflex I/P Air-Powered Pumps

Masterflex, I/P, Air-Powered, Pumps, Thermo ScientificThermo Scientific Masterflex I/P air-powered pumps are compact with a portable console package and are intrinsically safe when properly grounded.
Reversible motor allows pumping in either direction or purging when changing tubing.

  • Deliver flow rates from 0.12 to 17Lpm (0.03 to 4.5 gpm)

  • No electric power required-use where electricity is unsafe or impractical

  • Wide flow control range (10:1 turndown)

  • Powerful, yet cool operation

  • Smooth-starting, low-maintenance motor

  • IP rating: IP56


  • Pump head type: Easy-Load®


  • Pump head type: High-Performance

Certifications: CE marked

Recommended for: Ideal for hazardous-duty locations


  • Flow Range : 0.6 to 17 LPM (.2 to 4.5 GPM)

  • Reversible : Yes

  • rpm : 100 to 650

  • Max Running Torque : 26 kg-cm (360 oz-in)

  • Voltage (50/60 Hz) : N/A

  • Motor Type : Rotary vane air motor

  • Motor Size : 560 W (3/4 hp)

  • Speed Control Type : via FRL (filter reulator, lubricator) included

  • Speed Regulation (Repeatability) : ?10%

  • Housing Material : Painted Steel

  • Operating Temperature : 1 to 40ºC (14 to 149ºF)

  • Storage Temperature : -10 to 60ºC (14 to 149ºF)

  • IP Rating : IP56

  • Agency Approval : CE

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 28.2 x 21.6 x 22.9 cm
    (11 1/8 x 8 1/2 x 9")


I/P Air-Powered Pump Drive Brochure

I/P Air-Powered Pump Drive Manual

Masterflex Easy-Load Pump Head Manual

Masterflex I/P High Performance Pump Head Manual

Masterflex I/P Series

Masterflex I/P Tubing

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