Universal Control Panel for Automated Valve Systems

Hayward, Industrial, Flow Control Systems

Universal, Control Panel, Automated Valve SystemsNow you can control, sequence and monitor automated valves without the complexity and cost of a programmable controller or the confusing maze of wires associated with hard-wired relays.

Overview: Hayward's Universal Control Panel is used to control the operation of 5 to 25 electrically or pneumatically actuated valves by taking advantage of control relay technology. These electronic relays are very compact devices that serve as multiple timers, counters, clocks and relays - and are the heart of the panel. The control relays in the panel can be easily programmed to perform endless combinations of actuated valve control operations designed for your particular application. And this can all be done without the need for expensive programmable controllers or hard-wired relays. This extremely flexible, low cost panel features a design which can easily be customized to fit the requirements of just about any application.

Application Capabilities: Typical applications are for relatively small, compact systems with 5 to 25 electric or pneumatic ally actuated valves. Multiple filter banks with backwash systems, photo processing units, small waste and water treatment plants, HVAC control and sequencing, and PC board manufacturing equipment facilities all are excellent candidates for the Hayward Universal Control Panel.

Application Flexibility: Hayward's Universal Control Panel has control relay and expansion modules that provide numerous control functions, including: maximum of 20 digital inputs, maximum of 2 analog inputs, and a maximum of 10 relay outputs rated to 10A resistive (3A Ind.). The panel functions include 8 timers, 8 counters, 4 real time clocks with 4 channels/clock and 8 display messages to accommodate the most complex applications.

Features: A standard main power disconnect switch is provided fro added safety and a UL 489 circuit breaker allows power to be wired directly to the panel without the need for other circuit breakers or fuses. Clearly marked terminal blocks make wiring connections easy. An easy to read LCD display shows circuit diagrams and continuous function updates. It is also easy to program the LCD to display messages. The panel can be readily customized with indicating lights, alarms, interposing relays and selector switches and is AS-Interface and PROFIBUS compatible.

Easily Programmed: A Hayward Automated Valve Specialist will work with you to configure your Universal Control Panel and to program it for your application. Alternatively, the panel can be programmed remotely and a new control chip module installed in a panel already in a system. While designed for use with Hayward Automated Valve, the panel will work with electric or pneumatic actuators from just about any manufacturer.

A Case History
The following illustrates the capabilities of the Universal Control Panel. In this case, the goal was accurate control of an automated system with a bank of eight backwashable filter vessels. When the differential pressure of any of the filter vessels exceeded 15 psi, the backwash cycle was started by the opening of a pair of 3-way valves on either side of the vessel. The total number of valves involved was 20 (8 filters X 2 valves/filter), plus 2 supply valves and 2 drain valves.

Here's What Hayward's Universal Control Panel Did in the Above Application

  • Responded to 8 different pressure switches to automatically start the backwash operations.

  • Controlled the sequence of all valves and the duration of all backwash operations.

  • Verified that the differential pressure had indeed decreased following backwash.

  • If the differential pressure has not returned to acceptable levels, it would have repeated the backwash cycle 3 more times.

  • It would have set off an alarm if the differential pressure was not acceptable after 3 backwashes.

  • Hayward's Universal Control Panel did all this without the need for expensive PLC's


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