Electronic/Variable Frequency Pump - Grundfos E-Pump Series

Electronic,Variable,Frequency,Pump,CR Pump,Series E,Grundfos,PumpsThe Grundfos E-pump delivers tremendous pumping flexibility and energy savings. Each pump automatically adjusts its speed to meet a wide range of operating conditions. The E-pump provides constant or variable flow, pressure and temperature for such applications as heating, cooling and water supply.

They are also ideal for process operations where a 0/4 - 20 MA, 0/2 -10 V, or 1-2 Khz signal is provided by a sensor. A "PI" system controller and 5 V and 24 V sensor power are also integrated to provide a "Total Pumping System."

All Grundfos E-pumps are equipped with an operating panel that provides easy monitoring of operating conditions and offers simple control of basic functions like start/stop and setpoint setting. The universal Grundfos R100 Remote Control can be used with installation, commissioning, operation, service, and fault finding for a number of Grundfos products, including the Grundfos E-pumps. The R100 provides access to several extended functions and unique possibilities for monitoring operating conditions such as power consumption and actual pressure value. The R100 has an intuitive, easy-to-use menu, making commissioning and operation of the E-pumps extremely user-friendly.

  • The unique Grundfos micro-frequency converter: adjusts motor speed to meet application-specific demand

  • Flexible "performance area" (rather than fixed curve): simplifies pump selection & minimizes inventory

  • Consistent performance at optimal duty points

  • Energy savings resulting from automatically adjusted motor speeds

  • Easy installation & operation: pump, motor, VFD and PI are all integrated into one compact unit

  • Lower RF and EMI emissions than conventional variable-frequency drive motors

  • Whisper-quiet operation

  • A payback and IRR (internal rate of return): PC program is available from Grundfos E-pump distributors.

  • Reduced energy cost - Energy savings range from 15%-45%

  • Lower maintenance cost – Pressure Regulator Valves (PRVs) require periodic adjustment and maintenance. Variable speed systems do not. Pumps are not subjected to full speeds when flow requirements are low, a condition which causes pump wear and may require high temperature dump valves to prevent seal damage.

  • Quieter: Variable speed systems reduce noise because pumps run quieter at slow speeds and PRV noise is eliminated.

  • Reliable: Advances in electronics have made VFDs very reliable and rugged.

  • Cost effective to buy and install: Prices for VFD systems often match or are less than PRV systems. Tank sizes are 5-10% the size of tanks required for PRV systems, an important factor when ASME tanks are required. Variable frequency drive systems do not require time consuming PRV adjustments.

  • Space saving: Reduced tank size, integrated variable frequency drives, and reduced control panel size save valuable space.

Grundfos E-Pump Brochure

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