Non Metallic Tank Systems, Non Metallic Pump Systems


For Collection, Transfer or Treatment of Corrosive Process and Waste Liquids


Non Metallic, Tank Systems, Pump Systems
Duplex pump/tank system with two Sump-Gard® vertical pumps, rising rod float controls, instrumentation, and control panel.

Non Metallic, Tank Systems, Pump Systems
Mobile tank/pump system with self-priming Flex-i-liner® rotary pump for collecting corrosive wastes from multiple sites.

These user friendly tank/pump systems with single or double wall tank construction, and with all fluid contact components made of chemically inert nonmetallic materials, are recommended for chemical processing, plating, metal finishing, waste treatment, pollution control or other services which require the collection, transfer, neutralization or treatment of corrosive, abrasive, hazardous or ultrapure fluids.

Vanton manually operated or completely automated systems are available in square, rectangular or cylindrical configuration, in standard or customized design and in your choice of thermoplastic, thermoset or plastic-lined metal tanks. They can be equipped with horizontal centrifugal, vertical sump or rotary peristaltic thermoplastic pumps made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), polypropylene (PP) polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) or ethylene chloro-trifluoroethylene (ECTFE). The systems can be furnished with associated piping and instrumentation made of these or other engineered plastics inert to the fluids being handled.

Self-contained, nonmetallic automated pH neutralization systems

To help municipalities and industrial plants respond to government regulations which require that acids, alkalis, salts and contaminated waste fluids be neutralized before discharge into public waters, Vanton has developed these self-contained nonmetallic neutralization systems that automatically monitor the pH and control the chemical additions required for neutralizing the effluents. All components, including the sump and metering pumps, the tank, valves, piping and controls in contact with the fluids are made of chemically inert plastics. The typical system shown here requires only electrical and piping hook-up to be fully operable.

Non Metallic, Tank Systems, Pump Systems


Non Metallic, Tank Systems, Pump Systems   Non Metallic, Tank Systems, Pump Systems

Pump and tank cover elevated to show mercury switch level control for use with shallow tanks


Pontoon supported air driven vertical centrifugal pump for draining settling lagoons or for oil skimming.

Non Metallic, Tank Systems, Pump Systems   Non Metallic, Tank Systems, Pump Systems

Portable double-wall tank provides extra protection when handling hazardous fluids.


Cylindrical tank/pump system. Vanton vertical pumps utilize Fume-Gard� vapor seals to eliminate toxic, noxious or corrosive emissions.


  1. Standard or customized thermoplastic, thermoset or plastic lined metal tanks to be supplied with single or multiple thermoplastic pumps and designated instrumentation and controls.

  2. Plastic tank joints to be hot gas welded to provide continuous leak-proof, easy to clean seams.  The design should avoid recesses or blind areas where chemicals might lodge and be difficult to flush. Elastometric sealing between tank cover and tank provides further insurance against leakage and emissions.

  3. Pump casings and impellers in contact with the fluids to be handled must be furnished in solid (not lined), virgin, homogeneous thermoplastics selected for the indicated service conditions. Designs must assure that no metal components will be in fluid contact. The steel shaft is to be isolated from the liquid by a heavy sectioned thermoplastic sleeve.

  4. When packaged tank/pump systems are specified, they are to be user-ready, requiring only electrical and piping hook-up to be completely operable.

  5. Double wall tanks to have built-in leak detection devices and sensors when required, linked to visual and audible alarms.

  6. Automated systems, where required, to include liquid level controls, visual and audible signal devices, analog and digital display flow meters, flow totalizers, pH controllers and other instrumentation selected for the indicated service conditions.

Non Metallic, Tank Systems, Pump Systems

Non Metallic, Tank Systems, Pump Systems

Note: Capacities are based on a full tank. For larger sizes contact the factory. Specifications and dimensions subject to change.

Nonmetallic Pumps

SUMP-GARD®. Heavy-duty engineered vertical thermoplastic centrifugal sump pumps in capacities to 1,450 gpm, temperatures to 275�F, heads to 245' and depths to 50'. Available in Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC and PVDF in standard as well as "bearingless" cantilevered designs. Unique vapor seal protects external bearing and motor from corrosive fumes. No metal components in contact with fluid.

CHEM-GARD®. Horizontal, heavy-duty thermoplastic centrifugal standard and ANSI pumps in capacities to 1,450 gpm, heads to 400' and temperatures to 275�F. Self-priming PRIME-GARD® and close-coupled models to 250 gpm. Available in Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, PVDF and ECTFE. Unique sliding bar design with retractable front-bearing accommodates all popular mechanical seals and simplifies servicing.

Chem-Gard® CGM. Magnetically driven thermoplastic sealless ANSI centrifugal pumps for flows to 600 gpm, heads to 280 feet, ratings to 75 hp, at temperatures to 275�F. Available in Polypropylene and PVDF.

Flex-i-liner®. Sealless self-priming plastic pumps in capacities to 40 gpm, discharge pressures to 45 psig, and temperatures to 250�F. Only two components, the pump body and the flexible liner, contact the fluids. Pump bodies available in Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Teflon and other nonmetallics. Flexible liners are available in natural rubber, Buna N, Neoprene*, Butyl rubber, Hypalon*, Viton* and Nordel*.

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