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Side Entry Mixers, SXT Series, ClevelandAvailable in Gear Driven Models up to 15HP

Side-entering mixers SXT Series work efficiently where a tank is too large for convenient installation of a top-entering mixer, or where headroom is severely limited. Side Entry mixers are less expensive than top entry mixers in large tank installations because the long shafts required by extremely tall tanks are eliminated.

In the case of very large tanks, several smaller side entry mixers may be more efficient and economical than a single, larger unit.

Used effectively where:

  • Head room constraints prevent the use of top entry units

  • Mixing is required only in the bottom portion of a deep tank

  • Large diameter storage tanks

  • Low viscosity blending is required

  • Low capital equipment cost is a governing criteria

All models feature your choice of wetted end materials and the high efficiency XTF-3 hydrofoil impeller for maximum flow with minimal power consumption.

The SXT design incorporates a trouble and maintenance free gear drive, unlike belt driven models where frequent belt adjustment or replacement is required. The SXT Series is ideal for process applications involving continuous blending, heat transfer, mass transfer, or solids suspension. It provides cost effective agitation of medium to low viscosity fluids in large storage tanks.

Side entry mixer orientation and location is essential to process performance because liquid motion must be developed throughout the tank. The mixer shaft is installed at an angle of 7 – 8” to a radius and at least one impeller diameter off the tank bottom.


  • Quiet Operation
    A precision ground worm gear provides multiple tooth sliding contact for smooth transmission of power. This eliminates chatter and vibration for exceptionally quiet operation below typical OSHA dB noise specifications.

  • Easy to Install
    Installs using pipe leg or tie rod outboard supports. Installation drawings are provided with each order.

  • Large Output Shafts
    Shafts and bearings offer excellent overhung load capability

  • Lowest First Cost
    For low viscosity blending and storage applications.

  • Lower Maintenance Cost

An optimum mixing speed is achieved with one-stage worm gearing. This results in fewer bearings, seals and other spare parts. The involute helicoid gear form has manufacturing repeatability, eliminating the need for matched gear sets. This allows lower parts costs, spares requirements, and simplified repair procedures.


  • Horsepower range from 2 to 15HP

  • Motors are standard NEMA design B, 1750RPM, C-faced motors, TEFC and XP

  • Gear Reducers meet AGMA standard 440. Minimum service factor of 1.5 and efficiencies of 90-91%

  • Shaft seal options include stuffing box with spring-loaded lubricator and single split mechanical seals. Both include shut-off feature.

  • Splash oil lubrication – no separate oil pump to maintain or risk failure

  • Impellers – An impeller especially designed for side entry applications is the standard high efficiency Hydrofoil design (XTF-3R produced for maximum flow and low power consumption).

  • Shaft and impeller materials – choice of carbon steel, 304 or 316SS. Special alloys, coatings, and polishing available as options.

  • Tank baffles not required


  • Water flushed single mechanical seal or Double mechanical seals with lubricator

  • Pipe Leg available instead of tie rods

  • Cog-Belt, Synchronous Timing Belts

  • Available in carbon steel or 316SS

  • Insert for cement chests


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