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HGD, Series, Parallel Shaft, Top Entry, Mixers, ClevelandThe HGD Mixer is an economical alternative for application volumes in the range of 10,000 to 40,000 gallons. It is ideally suited for shear-sensitive materials, viscous solutions or for larger tanks where other mixers are less efficient. Arugged cast iron housing withstands the stresses of mixing loads and maintains accurate component alignment.

There is a wide choice of materials for both open and closed tank mixing. All units feature a low-maintenance, super quiet gear reducer with close-coupled chemical duty motors ranging from 3 to 20 HP.

Reducers are double reduction and helical/helical with efficiencies of 95%. Cleveland proudly partners with FALK to offer a reducer specifically designed for the rigorous requirements of mixing service. These reducers afford high load bearing capacities and meet ISO9001, AGMA 6010, standards.

HGD, Series, Parallel Shaft, Top Entry, Mixers, ClevelandFeatures

  • Drywell Construction
    Prevents oil leakage down the impeller shaft

  • Bearings
    All bearings are rated for up to 100,000 hours L-10 life. Timken tapered roller bearings are used throughout the gear box.

  • Self-aligning shaft coupling
    Hollow quill design with optimum bearing span for maximum overload capability.

  • Splash Lubrication
    No pumps to maintain.

  • Energy-efficient NEMA C-faced motors
    Close coupled chemical-duty with 1.15 service factor, and Class B insulation. Motor options include air, DC, severe duty, explosion proof and high efficiency. Available in 3 to 20HP.

  • Output Speeds
    The HGD Series offers AGMA mixer shaft output speeds from 37 to 350 RPM using conventional 1750 and 1170 RPM motor speeds. Competing mixer companies require expensive, single-sourced 850 RPM motors to accomplish the low speed mixing delivered by the HGD.

  • Impellers
    Process related choice of impellers, including one of the highest efficiency hydrofoils on the market. Modified designs of the above are offered along with radial and conventional axial configurations.

  • Shaft & Impeller Materials
    Carbon Steel, 304SS, 316SS
    Special alloys, coatings, and polishing available as options

  • Flanges
    8” – 150# standard
    6”, 10”, 12”, 14” – 150# available as options

  • Low Speed Bearing Configuration
    High-capacity, spherical-roller, mixer shaft bearing isolates impeller loads from gearing and provides a high moment capacity. Tapered roller bearings accept high thrust loads in either direction.

  • Re-greasable Low Speed Bearings
    Upper tapered roller bearing and bottom spherical roller bearing are grease lubricated and field re-greasable for easy maintenance. Lower tapered roller bearing is flood oil-lubricated. All bearings are rated for up to 100,000 hours L-10 life.

  • Simple, Positive Lubrication
    Sealed, grease-lubricated upper high-speed and intermediate bearing and flood oil-lubricated lower bearings reduce oil levels, churning and foaming for cooler operation. Large oil capacity also helps keep the unit cooler for maximum life. A magnetic oil drain plug is provided.

  • Easy Maintenance
    Easily accessible oil fill opening and oil drain plugs let you perform required maintenance without removing any covers or guards. Standard, automotive-type, quick-check dipstick allows fast, easy oil checks.

  • Severe-Duty Seals
    Shielded, grease-purgeable upper seals provide a grease barrier that traps water, dirt and abrasive contaminants before they can enter the unit and cause damage.

  • Self Aligning Shaft Coupling
    Hollow quill design ensures a solid connection with the mixer shaft and allows for easy installation and positive removal of shafts for various diameters.

  • No-Leak Drywell Construction
    Oil sump is isolated from output shaft to prevent gear lubricants from leaking and contaminating the product being mixed.

  • Readily Available Replacement Components
    Seals, bearings, and high-speed couplings are readily available from the factory. Numbers for these items are published in the HGD service manual.

Seal Options

  • Low Pressure Stuffing Box – rated to 20 psi, 2 rings of packing

  • High Pressure Stuffing Box – rated to 150 psi, 7 rings of packing with lantern ring

  • Packing – Standard TFE with 50% ultrafine graphite, max temperature 500 degree F, PH-range 0-14 Optional

  • Graphite filament yarn with TFE for severe service

  • FDA-approved PTFE yarn with lubrication for food service

  • Vapor Seal – Viton elastomer

Mechanical Seal

  • Single, split design, wet or dry running, pressure to 150 psi

  • Double; liquid lubricated, pressures to 300 psi


  • Intank Coupling – optional for ease of large shaft installation

  • Stabilizers – available for all size impellers in compatible materials

  • Steady Bearings – available in a variety of materials to mount or weld to the bottom of a tank when
    application precludes use of a conventional over-hung shaft

  • Variable Speed Drives

Closed Tank Model Options

  • Vapor Seals

  • Low or high pressure stuffing boxes, for pressures up to 150 psi

  • Single or double mechanical seal

  • Dry-running seal for pharmaceutical applications

High efficiency XTF-3 hydrofoil impellers come as standard offering high flow and low power consumption. A wide choice of optional impeller designs is available to meet unique process requirements.

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