VACUFEED™ Vacuum Liquid Feed System

SUPERIOR, Vacufeed, Vacuum Liquid Feed System, Vissers Sales CorpSUPERIOR VACUFEED™
Vacuum Liquid Feed System

SUPERIOR VacuFeed™ is a state-of-the-art Liquid Chemical Feed System designed to allow constant, consistently repeatable, metering of liquids into water or wastewater treatment systems, swimming pools, and many industrial processes. A highly efficient, water operated venturi-type ejector produces SUPERIOR, Vacufeed, Vacuum Liquid Feed System, Vissers Sales Corpthe volume necessary to operate the system. A unique "Triple Bypass" check valve system prevents pressurized water from entering the liquid metering system and provides a visual pressure relief to drain. All components operate under a safe vacuum condition which prevents chemicals from continuing to feed into the atmosphere in the event of a breakage. A precision liquid flow meter panel indicates the amount of liquid being fed. Liquid flow rate is manually adjusted and the design permits easy addition of an automatic flow rate control valve. A spring opposed diaphragm vacuum regulator controls the liquid flow rate and also acts as a safety shut-off valve which prevents any backflow of water or chemicals into the chemical storage tank. VacuFeed's standard models are designed to feed either Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) and Calcium Hypochlorite (granular chlorine) solutions, or Aqueous Ammonia. Other Chemicals may be compatible with the standard materials of construction.

The SUPERIOR VacuFeed™ system represents the most modern design technology coupled with the very best materials available to create an outstanding, user friendly piece of equipment. It is designed with user safety as a primary concern.

  • Vacufeed is self priming and will not lose prime, even with negative inlet head pressures.

  • Design eliminates any possibility of "air binding" when gases enter the system, or "out-gassing" occurs. This is particularly important when feeding Sodium Hypochlorite(bleach).

  • Maintains a consistent, high-accuracy liquid feed rate.

  • Feed rate is repeatable in start-stop operations.

  • There are no moving parts, which translates into low maintenance, easy service, low down-time, and low operating cost.

  • VacuFeed systems are easy to service and maintain with no special tools required.

  • Safe. Will not continue to feed chemicals into the atmosphere in the event of a break or leak in tubing or other component.

  • "Triple Bypass" check valve system has a positive pressure relief to drain, virtually eliminating any possibility of backflow into the chemical storage tank.

  • Extremely high mass transfer efficiency give excellent mixing of chemicals with water.

  • Chemical feeding is constant, rather than in "slugs" as with pumps.

  • Visual indication of feed rates and chemical flow at all times.

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