MS Series Conductivity Cells from Aquametrix

MS Series Conductivity Sensors are Now Included in the AS Series

Please note that the MS series is now part of the AS series. The epoxy bodies of these probes have been upgraded to the Noryl outer shell and epoxy interior of the AS probes. Graphite electrodes are specified as "AS-G-xxx.

A conductivity system is only as good as the sensor or cell which provides the signal to the analyzer or controller. AquaMetrix Inc., with many years of experience in the measurement of conductivity, manufactures a wide variety of conductivity cells to satisfy any industrial, power plant or laboratory application. In addition to the standard line, all types are available for high temperature applications. MS cells feature electrodes made from specially impregnated graphite. This technology, insures that, with reasonable maintenance, years of drift-free performance can be expected.

Ten cell constants from 0.01 to 50 are available. All types are designed with a safety stop shoulder on the cell. Integral automatic temperature compensation is standard on all types and provides compensation to 25°C when used with a compatible analyzer. Carefully selected thermistors are located in such a way as to give close thermal contact with the liquid being measured to assure fast response to changing temperature.

Flow-through mounting incorporates a special compression fitting which allows adjustable insertion length in 3/4 inch NPT piping or in the side of a tank. This design avoids the nuisance of disconnecting the cell cable when installing or removing the cell for cleaning.

Submersion mounting is achieved by reversing the direction of the compression fitting, allowing the cell to be threaded into the MHMSC mounting hardware. Mounting hardware is available which includes a 4 foot length of CPVC pipe and a simple but versatile adjustable bracket for hanging on the rim of the tank.

Ball Valve (“Hot-Tap”) types permit removal of the cell from process piping or from tanks without shutting down the system. They are available with either CPVC or stainless steel valves.

In addition to the cells described here, special applications such as food grade cells for the beverage industry are available. Ask for assistance in selecting the cell and instrument to suit your particular application.


  • Graphite Electrodes

  • Economically Priced

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation

  • Adjustable Insertion Length

  • Ball Valve “Hot Tap” Types Constants from 0.01 to 50

  • High Temperature Versions


  • Boilers

  • Cooling towers

  • High purity water applications

  • Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Reverse osmosis systems

  • Food and Beverage

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Submersion Mounting Hardware
Hot/Wet Tap Ball Valve Assembly
Sanitary Mounting Hardware


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