2200D Dissolved Oxygen Controller/Analyzer

2200D Dissolved Oxygen Controller/Analyzer

The model 2200D Dissolved Oxygen analyzer/controller is a rugged and dependable industrial grade microprocessor-based instrument that is extremely easy to use.

Its large, bright LED digital display is clearly visible even in direct sunlight. It’s speedy calibration and simple operator interface makes this analyzer/controller a favorite with instrumentation departments in a wide variety of demanding industrial and municipal application.

Frequently used functions are accessed through an intuitive step-through menu which is printed directly on the front panel for ease of navigation. By pressing the MENU key the operator scrolls through the menu, illuminating an LED beside the selected item and displaying the stored value. Arrow keys are used to change the value. Seldom used or set-once adjustments, such as password activation are located on DIP switches on the back of the swing-out front panel.


The 2200D accepts a sensor input from the P91 sensor. The P91 sensor consists of a probe that is fitted with a cartridge (P91D) containing a precisely stretched permeable membrane, electrodes and electrolyte. The inexpensive and easy to change cartridge will provide continuous service for years and is then easily replaced in minutes. The cartridge is hermetically sealed for long shelf life. Optional mounting hardware include submersion, flow through and “ball float” assemblies.


Calibration can be accomplished by using one of seven different calibration techniques: in the process to a portable meter; in clean water to a portable meter; in a process sample to a lab meter; in a clean water sample to a lab meter; in a saturated process; in saturated clean water and in air. To Calibrate, press the MENU key until the CALIBRATION LED illuminates. Use the arrow keys to set the value determined using a calibration method described above. Press The Enter key twice. The unit is now calibrated.


The 2200D provides three analog outputs, including a 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC and 0-1 mA. The instrument also provides control of external devices using its two independent control relays. An alarm relay has both high and low set points with a fixed dead band. When this relay is energized, the Alarm LED on the front panel also illuminates to clearly indicate an alarm condition. Factory set for bidirectional control, both control relays can be set to control either a rising or falling process, with easily programmed Relay On and Relay Off set points.


A self-diagnostics program clearly indicates any system errors or faults by turning the STATUS LED on the front panel from green to red. The operator then scrolls through the menu to STATUS to determine the fault code. The Operator’s Manual indicates the source and likely remedy for the fault. When the status fault is corrected the STATUS LED will turn back to green.


Model 2200D is packaged in a rugged NEMA 4X fiberglass reinforced polyester enclosure. It is ideally suited for heavy-duty outdoor applications such as municipal and and industrial wastewater applications.


  • Dissolved Oxygen level displayed in PPM or Percent Saturation

  • Intuitive step-through menu design for quick and easy setup

  • Bidirectional control through two control relays with independent setpoints for Relay On and Relay Off

  • High/low alarm relay

  • ALARM LED on front panel

  • Membrane perforation alarm

  • Output signal is field-scalable for maximum resolution

  • Altitude compensation for maximum accuracy

  • STATUS errors illuminate LED on front panel

  • Test feature allows simulation of DO readings to test relay setpoints and analog settings

  • Password protection and watchdog timer


  • Industrial and Municipal Waste Treatment

  • Aeration basin monitoring

  • Aquariums

  • Fish Hatcheries

AM3455 Datasheet


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